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About MacTech 1 Year Canadian Subscription:

Established in 1984, MacTech Magazine is the only monthly magazine focused on Macintosh technology and development. Distributed in 64 countries, MacTech is read by tens of thousands of programmers, solution providers, and people everywhere that want to understand what's under the hood of Macintosh. Subscribe risk free today!

Each month MacTech provides new content, featuring articles in its five core departments.

Programming articles, news, and how-to's are a central element in MacTech's content. Applications developers will always be on the cutting edge of technology. These developers need the most reliable, most up to date, and most detailed information about new Macintosh technologies. They need to know what programming tools are available, and how they measure up. MacTech will continue to provide those resources.

Web development is also Macintosh development. Whether you're accessing a solution from or on a computer is becoming almost transparent, and Apple has made it pretty clear that the Macintosh will be at the front of new and developing internet technologies. With the addition of the resources and staff of NetProfessional magazine, MacTech will be able to provide cutting edge content for Macintosh web developers.

Multimedia technologies are the Mac's strong suit. Over the last year MacTech has provided articles on OpenGL, QuickTime, RealMedia, and other multimedia technologies. We plan to continue to explore and expand our coverage into authoring and programming options for multimedia developers.

Systems developers are finding the Macintosh to be a powerful option for providing network solutions. From a single user, one operating system personal computer, Macintosh has expanded to serve just about every type of network content available and host multiple operating systems. Powerful system command and scripting languages like Perl and AppleScript allow administrators and users to provide system level solutions in a fraction of the time it would require to develop application level solutions. MacTech has already expanded its coverage into many of these areas, and the system and network administrative experts and resources we've added from our recent merger with NetProfessional will let us go still further.

Hardware technologies and standards are blossoming at Apple. Not too surprising, Apple is a hardware company and it had never been timid about taking the lead in emerging hardware technologies. FireWire, AltiVec, USB, DVD, and wireless technologies are opening new opportunities for developers. MacTech will delve deeper into these standards and technologies with an eye to their application to Macintosh developers of all kinds.

Each issue of MacTech provides columns, industry news, conference reports, product reviews, the latest in shortcuts and insider secrets, and full source code listings available on the World Wide Web, floppy disk (with special floppy disk subscriptions), and CD-ROM (click here for more information about the MacTech CD ROM).

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